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Make your Own Natural Headlice Repellent

April 25, 2018

I cringed when I hear the word “Lice” now.

It was a nightmare to clear the lice and especially the worry that it would have spread to another girl or myself, and there is so much work to do – clean bedsheets, blankets, pillows, combs, soft toys, etc etc…and, I so regretted that I put aside a bottle of headlice repellent which I made months ago, used only twice!

Well, I will make sure I use it now.

Some say these essential oils work to prevent lice because they mask the human scent that lice are attracted to.

Essential oils are also rich in what are called monoterpenes, chemical compounds with various several beneficial characteristics including, in the case of tea tree oil, insecticidal properties. In fact, the two main constituents of tea tree oil, 1,8-cineole, and terpinen-4-ol, have demonstrated anticholinesterase activity.  (Note – do not apply tea tree oil to children under 6.)

Cholinesterase (ko-li-nes-ter-ace) is one of the many important enzymes needed for the proper functioning of the nervous systems of insects, (as well as humans and other vertebrates), so when you use these small amounts of oils on small insects, they take action on their nervous system and kill them.

So, you can actually make your own headlice prevention spray using Essential Oil.


1 oz Glass Spray Bottle

Pinch of Sea Salt

2 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil

1 drop Lavender Essential Oil

Distilled Water

How to:

Drip the Essential Oils into glass spray bottle, add a pinch of salt to disperse the EO so that it could mix well with water later. Fill the glass spray bottle with distilled water and shake well.

I would spray on my girls’ hair before they head to school early in the morning.



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