Is Medication Necessary?

April 15, 2018

Thousand years ago, our ancestors would use a home remedy made of plant or animal matter to help soothe a cold. Ancient medicines were just combinations of natural substances that people discovered — often by accident — could soothe and cure certain ailments. We’re long past the days when most medicines were made from plants or animals. Today, most medicines are produced through chemical processes.

Scientists, through research and careful study and testing, can isolate the chemicals in plants and animals that cure certain ailments. Over time, they’re able to create those substances artificially and use them to produce medicines.

But do you know that modern medicine can be harmful to your body on the other hand? Below is a powerful quote I extracted from the book “Killing Cancer not People”.

“It starts with one simple pain relieving aspirin for a simple headache or backache. When one aspirin will no longer mask the pain, then you decide to take two. After a few months, you take a stronger compound. By this time it becomes necessary to take something for the ulcers in your stomach that have been caused by the aspirin. Now we have two medicines in our body, and you have a great start. After a few months, it starts to disrupt the liver function and you take some penicillin, which will damage the red blood corpuscles and spleen so that you develop anemia. Hence, another medicine is taken. All these medicine out such strain on your kidneys – they should break down.


Drugs only mask the symptoms allowing the body, at best, time to heal itself. We must give our body the tools that are necessary to rebuild and regenerate healthy cells. These are vitamins (B, C, etc) and minerals such as copper, calcium, potassium, etc. All these, taken on a daily basis through our diets and sometimes through supplementation, will allow our bodies to rebuild their own internal bio-magnetic energy form. We are then capable of pulling out our food source those additional vitamins and minerals our bodies deem necessary for proper health.”

Dr. Jimmy Steger, one of America’s great Naturopathic Doctors and Clinical Nutritionist

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